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Patient-Focused Healthcare Design and Aesthetics

Patient-focused healthcare design and aesthetics

Once an afterthought, healthcare design and aesthetics are important considerations for your practice. Medical office design contributes to patients’ positive impressions of your practice. Well-designed medical offices and clinics have been shown to attract and retain patients, positively affect the patient’s overall experience, and even improve patient outcomes.

Concentrate on five patient-focused medical office design elements that have a great impact on your practice and patients.

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How to Shoot Great Social Media Video

How to Shoot Great Social Media Video

Personalized videos are an easy way to improve your social media presence. They engage your current patients and encourage potential patients to find out more about your practice. Whether you are talking about a procedure or explaining a medical condition, patients are interested in your content. We encourage you to create video content,

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Go With the Marketing Plan

Evaluate and approve your marketing plan for a successful year ahead

The account managers at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing understand that our clients are very busy, but we also know the importance of a good marketing plan. Every year, we like to coordinate a time with each client to discuss every facet of our marketing initiatives for the next 12 months.

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Make Your Mark with Email Signatures

Email Signatures: More Than Names and Numbers

If you think an email signature is simply a way to provide patients with your name and phone number, think again. Your online signature at the bottom of an email isn’t just a digital business card. The team at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing understands email signatures can be an all-important avenue to build brand awareness and provide the necessary direction for patients to find you,

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The Age of Healthcare Consumerism Is Here

Do you have a user-friendly website? Is your website search engine optimized? Do you have a presence on social media? If you can’t answer “yes” to these questions with confidence, maybe it’s time to learn more about healthcare consumerism and how medical marketing services can help give your practice a competitive advantage.

Today, more patients find physicians and information online

Healthcare consumerism simply means that patients take more control over their choice of physicians and practices,

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Rely on Professional Writers for Quality Content

Professional writers and editors produce quality content that performs

Marketing may seem to be an expendable expense. Almost any high school student can take advantage of templates and set up websites with low-cost hosting sites. Social media posts are free. Printers will produce brochures and flyers. You are the healthcare expert. So why do you need to pay professional writers and editors to explain what you do?

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Meta Tags Enhance Website SEO

Meta tags establish first impressions

Meta tags are the matchmakers of the internet. They help Google and other search engines recognize your webpage and the information you provide. When potential clients begin an online search, the metadata that best matches their request leads them to your content. There may be thousands of potential suitors, so your site needs search engine optimization (SEO) tools to quickly bring together users and you.

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How Blogs and Social Media Work Together

An integrated marketing plan should have both blogs and social media marketing

“Do I have to add blog posts to my website if I’m doing social media marketing?” This is a common question we hear at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing. In fact, we sometimes hear the inverse question, “Do I really need to market on social media if I’m doing blog posts?” The answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes,

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