Catalyst Healthcare Marketing

Organic SEO

It’s all in there

At Catalyst we believe that SEO should stand on its own merits and that rankings are earned through careful planning and execution of value based content and design.

Sites that are built right from the beginning and maintained, far out last all the other “gimmicks” available to beat the search engines. Organic search engine optimization is a long term way to promote your web site and achieve search engine ranking, and is more cost effective than pay per click campaigns.

Our strategy is to research what’s currently working for you, what’s working for your competitors, and what patients are searching for to identify recommended keyword phrases to place into your site. We will then provide a targeted plan to enhance your site and work SEO into all the corners of your website. From metatags to images and ALT tags, we follow a specific tried and true SEO placement method to ensure that your website is propelled to page one.

Just putting in the SEO is only a start

By incorporating an ongoing SEO plan we can optimize your website placement and ensure that your website will be easily accessed by your target market, long term. Catalyst creates clear plans for directed web site additions to increase organic traffic based on keyword research. We use web PR releases and ezines, concentric link campaigns, ad words and regular traffic analysis to keep your website up to date and able to bring the most current and meaningful information to patients.