Catalyst Healthcare Marketing

Web Visibility Checklist

Catalyst Healthcare Marketing web visibility checklist grades your e-health

Online health assessments and tracking tools abound in today’s marketplace. As experienced healthcare consultants, we tend to focus on the lifeblood of your marketing program—web visibility.

You may wonder if your website and online marketing strategy is healthy, needs some slight modifications or even an entire redesign to achieve optimal web visibility. Find out with a free 10 point website check-up.

Clearly see your web visibility

A well designed website will enable you to reach the right audience, hold their attention and provide a means to interact. Our web development team consists of seasoned multimedia designers who’ve created a short website check-up form. It provides an at-a-glance score sheet for healthcare practices to assess their current marketing efforts and web visibility potential.

High-level topics that we address include the most common pitfalls in web development. Take a look at your website and ask yourself some questions.

Does your website have room for improvement?

Catalyst Healthcare Marketing clients reap the benefits of having fully integrated sites that maximize opportunities to get found online. Your website is fundamentally important to the overall health of your marketing program, and our free web visibility analysis brings deficiencies to light.

If you would like to talk with one of our team members about how we see things differently at Catalyst—more clearly, more concisely, more affordably and more effectively, contact us. Or use your free web analysis to redirect your current marketing partner.