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Professional writers and editors produce quality content that performs

Professional writers and editors produce quality content that performsMarketing may seem to be an expendable expense. Almost any high school student can take advantage of templates and set up websites with low-cost hosting sites. Social media posts are free. Printers will produce brochures and flyers. You are the healthcare expert. So why do you need to pay professional writers and editors to explain what you do? Every element of your strategic marketing plan, if you have one, requires current, quality content that reflects positively on your skills, your ability to interact with patients, and your attention to detail.

Quality content lets you shine

Public messages are the specialty of professional writers. That is why Catalyst Healthcare Marketing employs journalists, English majors, authors and marketing experts with healthcare experience to write and edit every message produced for its clients.

Consider how much it will cost you to have someone on your staff dedicated to marketing. It would be more lucrative to utilize our team for quality content for all your communications, and keep your staff doing what they do best ― serving the needs of new and existing patients.

Here are five ways Catalyst writers and editors can help you:

  1. Understand your audience. Know your target audience. Catalyst Healthcare Marketing’s native English speakers know the questions that your potential clients are asking. Our blogs and social media posts address casual questions or overcome objections. Websites and press releases are more technical. All our professional writers and editors address potential clients with quality content in a way that is familiar and comfortable.
  2. Keep consistent. We follow Associated Press style. That means that everyone on our team is using the same style for spelling, punctuation, capitalization and writing references that most journalists employ. Your web content and other materials are consistent and easy to use in outside media.
  3. Optimize for search engines. Weaving keywords into copy at strategic locations is not as easy as it seems. The less you notice, the better it is. Without the right structure or keywords, your message is likely to be overlooked by search engines. The few times we deviate from Associated Press style are when we need to make modifications for search engine optimization.
  4. Check, double-check and triple-check. It’s embarrassing to have typos or poorly written communications. That’s why we use knowledgeable and professional writers and editors. Can the message be easier to understand? Is medical jargon avoided or explained? Editors will ensure that messages are concise and meet readers’ goals. Account managers will read the document and ensure you receive quality content to review for technical fact-checking.
  5. Save money. Do you really want your staff to take time away from your practice to write content? Do you have someone to edit their work? Are you willing to pay for training to keep them abreast of social media trends? Our professional writers are eager to spend time on your messages. They focus on your unique qualities and have no other agenda than to address your content, research supporting information, meet pre-set deadlines, and think about future messages.

Make the right choice

Give yourself a break and do what you do best. Let Catalyst Healthcare Marketing produce quality content for your website, blogs, social media, marketing collateral, press releases and other communications. Contact Catalyst to see if our professional writers are right for you.

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