Catalyst Healthcare Marketing

Brand Strategy

Build a brand and launch with a plan and budget.

Coordinated Brand Strategy


Whether you are happy with your brand or in the mood to make a change, a consistent message and look is a must.

A skillfully crafted brand creates a distinct look and feel for your practice, from your high-impact logo to your instantly recognizable color scheme. A solid brand is also built through consistent messaging and identity pieces that represent both who you are today and what you want to be known for tomorrow. With thoughtful marketing plans and workable budgets, Catalyst creates memorable brands that attract.

Our comprehensive planning and forward-thinking vision take your brand from scattershot to strategized. If you’re looking for a marketing plan to take your practice forward and positively affect every patient interaction with your practice, we can help.

Catalyst’s healthcare marketing experts help you clarify your marketing goals and develop a list of specific tactics you can deploy to achieve them. Let us help you prioritize, budget and kick-start marketing programs that will grow your brand and your business.