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Reputation Management

Reputation management helps you establish and maintain a positive online image

As a healthcare practice, your reputation is everything. Patients want to know that they can trust and rely on you for their most important medical needs. Catalyst Healthcare Marketing can help establish and maintain your online image with reputation management, no matter what your practice is up against.

The three stages of managing your reputation

Some reputation management service providers focus on flooding the internet with generic, one sentence reviews from “patients.” As a healthcare marketing agency that has been helping practices manage their reputations for over a decade, we know it takes much more than that to help your practice achieve and keep a positive search profile.

All three of these stages are equally important when it comes to managing your online reputation as a practice, which is why our team specializes in all of them.

Managing online reviews is part of our reputation management services

It can be overwhelming to keep up with all the patient reviews on sites across the internet. As part of our services, the Catalyst team will handle review management on a variety of different websites.

Our team will regularly monitor and interact with your account, at the interval of your choosing. When patients know your practice is watching and responding to your account, they are less likely to leave negative reviews.

For the patients who do leave reviews, we’ll respond to both positive and negative ones using approved HIPAA-compliant responses. We’ll also use the positive reviews to solicit patient stories and testimonials for your website, further enhancing your online reputation.

Reach out to Catalyst and learn more

If you’d like to learn more about our reputation management services, contact us. Our experts look forward to helping you bolster your practice’s online image.