Catalyst Healthcare Marketing

Web Analytics

So now you have a great site, start using it!

For many practices web sites are built and then forgotten.

What were great rankings at the start begins to slip down the page. So how do you know if your site can be found by potential patients? Catalyst adds site analytics to all our sites, we know who is using your site, what they are looking for and what’s making them leave. We have the ability to track how patients reach your site and exactly what they are looking for. We can then build effective marketing programs and follow their progress as they impact your internet rankings.

For example, one of our clients was only web marketing in one city. Through ongoing web analytics we were able to uncover that they had five times as many searches coming from a neighboring city. Catalyst was able to expand their reach but adding a few additional search terms to capture the interest of the neighboring town. And increase their traffic.

Want to understand how you are seen on the internet? Let catalyst monitor your web traffic

At Catalyst, every site we design is embedded with web analytics code, on every tab and page. You can start tracking results from day 1. We don’t just send you the report. We are there to help you understand the results and offer a variety of follow-up services depending on your needs. We can train you on how to use the information, provide you recommendations based on web analytics results, and implement the changes into your site.

Our web analytics consulting is just one part of our comprehensive web services, including: wireframing, web design, organic SEO, web development and more.