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Patient Outreach

Retention & Wellness Programs

The desire for education concerning medical treatment is paramount in the eyes of the consumer. Patients and their families need reliable, understandable sources of information with a personal component. Offering educational office programs to your local community is a great way to reach the consumer on this personal level and showcase your office as a trusted source of information. This approach also translates to your existing patients when educational and emotional support seminars are offered in house. These value-add programs can foster a more patient friendly atmosphere in your office and increase patient to consumer referral and existing patient retention.

Programs that we offer:

Patient Seminars

Patient Seminars are designed by our professional counseling and educational staff with the intent to create a nurturing, supportive environment for your patients in your own office environment. These programs are intended to speak to both the educational and emotional needs of your patients and can be structured to fit into any length of time or venue needed.

Educational Programs

Programs and materials focusing on the educational component of disease management from the patient’s perspective with clear easy to understand information modules and branded take home literature. These programs are intended to be “taught” by your own in house staff using a specially constructed lesion plan.

Emotional Support Programs

Although not intended to take the place of private counseling sessions, these support programs can be used to introduce patients to the more emotional issues surrounding their treatment and healthy ways to cope. Emotional support programs can positively impact not only the patient’s emotional needs but also those of spouses and involved family members. These programs can be administered by in-house staff or community referral partners in the mental health care arena and are designed as structured group sessions.

Non-Traditional Relaxation and Stress Management

Basic programs designed to provide a positive outlet for “negative energy” with the introduction of spa type approaches to stress management and relaxation techniques. These programs are coordinated with local reputable spas, yoga and meditation centers.