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Marketing Plan Development

Marketing Plan Development

How do we get there?

Developing a marketing plan is the easy part. Actually getting it done is about execution and plain old determination.

If your office has neither and is not committed to making it happen a marketing plan will never launch. Catalyst works to develop simple marketing plans with easy step by step directions to create buy in with your office staff. Marketing plans need clear paths of execution and determination of resources. At Catalyst we put together a list of specific tactics you can use to achieve your goals, helping you decide which ones will make the most out of your marketing dollar.

Here’s an example: Your goal is to open a new satellite office. To help make your new office a success you could:

Catalyst can help you construct a clear path and provide the manpower and training to create a successful office expansion program.

Resource Assessment and Fundraising Tools that get the job done.

Now that you have a brand, a strategy and a plan in mind, we need to determine how to get the job done and what resources you have at your disposal.

Determining a marketing budget is a great place to start the process. A budget is a framework to maintain financial control over your marketing plan and a valuable tool to determine how well you know your business. An initial budget can also be used to measure the return on your marketing investment. We require that marketing budgets are formulated before the marketing plan is initiated.

Catalyst helps you fundraise from industry partners for sustainable office programs and can help you develop relationships to further your outreach and educational programs.

A budget is a tangible asset; your practice also has less obvious resources to draw from, such as employees. Employers that understand the most valuable asset that an office possesses is their staff are clearly the ones who are the most successful. Happy, fulfilled workers that clearly understand the direction of the practice will help move projects forward to meet collective goals. Those who are unhappy in their work environment will slow and even halt progression.

Understanding how to train and motivate your staff is crucial. Catalyst can complete employee assessments to determine morale and team work within your staff. Through our coaching program we can teach you how to maximize the strength of team performance and increased customer service and staff retention…translating into well cared for, satisfied patients.

At Catalyst we look for both tangible as well as intangible resources. We firmly believe that marketing involves the commitment of the entire office and we work to optimize your existing talent.