Catalyst Healthcare Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Don’t know how to Tweet, Digg or Gather? Don’t worry, we do!

Today’s internet marketing is turning to social media outlets. Catalyst can harness the power of these functions, incorporating Facebook, Twitter and blogs into your existing website to broaden your reach and enhance your appeal to internet savvy consumers. Social media marketing can help connect you to your patients as well as create solutions to drive traffic to your site, increasing the power of your site rankings.

We can create copy and manage your accounts as well as instruct your office staff on how to work with these programs in house. We interlink your independent sites so that one post updates them all, limiting the time required for maintenance allowing you a social media presence without taking your staff away from their regular jobs.

Our social media strategies will help your practice define your social media goals, gain insight into your visitor’s behavior, and develop the right message to build a loyal patient following.

Our social media marketing plan includes: