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Email Signatures: More Than Names and Numbers

Email Signatures: More Than Names and Numbers If you think an email signature is simply a way to provide patients with your name and phone number, think again. Your online signature at the bottom of an email isn’t just a digital business card. The team at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing understands email signatures can be an all-important avenue to build brand awareness and provide the necessary direction for patients to find you, both online and in person. It even can be an opportunity for patients to engage with your practice.

Why do email signatures matter?

Obviously, as a provider of choice to your patients, little details are important – not only because they convey professionalism, but because patients are entrusting you with their care.

Here are characteristics we consider at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing when crafting your organization’s email signature.

  1. Start with simplicity: All employees in your organization should convey a consistent look in how they list their contact information. Our team at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing can help ensure your email signature hits the mark and won’t look messy or cluttered.
  2. Keep it up to date: When you are updating information, such as phone number or address, don’t forget your email signature. Many patients rely on location information in emails to guide their smartphones to your location. It’s vital that information is current so patients do not miss appointments.
  3. Build brand awareness: Using a link to your website and accompanying logo can bring attention to branding and also identify that the communication is legitimate.
  4. Make it smartphone friendly: Make sure your email signature is readable on a smartphone, as many patients access email through their mobile devices. According to Fluent, Inc., in a study of email consumer behavior, about three in five people check their email on the go using their mobile devices.
  5. Look at links: It might be appropriate for you to consider incorporating additional information into your signature. An example would be using social media icons as an option to link patients to online updates. You also can consider a “call to action,” for instance, a link directing patients to register for an online educational webinar.

Let the Catalyst team help you leave your mark

Personalizing your patient communication is time-intensive. At Catalyst Healthcare Marketing, we know you prioritize patients. Let our seasoned professionals help craft email signatures and other marketing tools to support your organization and effectively reach patients.

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