Catalyst Healthcare Marketing

Media and Community Outreach

Media Relations: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know and who knows you

Media relations is an invaluable, cost-effective part of your marketing arsenal. Studies show that potential patients are five times more likely to be influenced by educational editorial copy than advertising. Get great stories and you make your business grow. We proactively create coverage opportunities and respond to solicited media opportunities.

What we do…

First, we strategize on the public relations plan and what messages we want to deliver to whom. Then we help you develop the message from your practice, working with industry and practice breakthroughs, ties to national media releases and campaigns and human interest stories to pique the interest of the media.

With these foundational elements in place, we then solicit media coverage on your behalf. We develop and maintain comprehensive, focused target lists of editors and reporters who are interested in your offering. We send press releases, invite them to your events, and develop the relationship.

We review work with media editorial calendars and follow up on publishing opportunities to secure coverage. We call publications on a regular basis to learn about new opportunities and work with editors to suggest novel story ideas or to gain coverage of a specific press announcement. We pursue feature coverage, roundup coverage, and sidebar coverage.

Once we have a specific opportunity in hand, we manage the process for best results. We handle the logistics of the interview, the film crew, the producer and the personal touch… your input.

Press Releases

We offer news releases on events, office changes and industry advances. Studies show that advertising is more believable if presented as an article instead of an advertisement. Our press releases can be sent to local media, placed your site as content or sent to Web PR for link campaigns.

Paid Advertising Media

Adding traditional paid advertising to your marketing plan can be instrumental in a well planned office offensive. Studies show that consumers reading for pleasure are more receptive to ad suggestions. We work with all major advertising outlets to create branded advertising campaigns to showcase your practice and place your message in front of consumer. Catalyst can create professional press kits and office information for use with media outlets as well as work with your local television and radio station to create free and paid advertising opportunities.

Events and Speaking Opportunities

Special events can be an excellent tactical component of a communications program designed to draw attention to new services, new doctors or educational campaigns. Catalyst can assist with the planning, management, coordination, execution, and follow up required, all of which are necessary to conduct an effective and successful event.

What we do…

We offer comprehensive event services. We plan the event. We find and coordinate with the host site, audio/visual service providers, and caterers. We send out invitations, follow up with prospective attendees, and confirm attendance.

With the help of our Catalyst partners we can conduct spokesperson training, rehearsal, and presentation and power point development.

Catalyst coordinates all activities at the event and we work with you to make your outreach events a success.

Programs that we offer:

Referral Seminars. Conducting a seminar can be an effective means of building strong relationships with customers, the press, and your referral base. Often a seminar provides an environment in which not only are there formal presentations from management and customers but also in which attendees can informally talk to customers, partners, and management.

Community Outreach Seminars. Catalyst offers a seminar series specifically designed to your clinics original specifications. These seminars are structured around educational opportunities specific to your field of practice and can be held either on site or off site with community partners. Potential patients like to learn from their peers and from you about options for effective treatment. There is probably no better single opportunity to collect valuable feedback from your patient and strengthen your relationship.