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How to Shoot Great Social Media Video

How to Shoot Great Social Media Video

How to Shoot Great Social Media VideoPersonalized videos are an easy way to improve your social media presence. They engage your current patients and encourage potential patients to find out more about your practice. Whether you are talking about a procedure or explaining a medical condition, patients are interested in your content. We encourage you to create video content, and we have some tips to help you shoot great social media video.

Tips for recording better videos

Follow these pointers to shoot great social media video every time you create content, and you will be well on your way to positive encounters with current and future patients.

  1. Orientation: Record videos in a vertical orientation for social media.
  2. Eyeline: Look directly at the camera when recording, not at the screen.
  3. Lighting: Make sure you have adequate lighting. Ideally, try to position yourself so that you’re standing in front of a window (with the light directly hitting your face). If not, make sure that you have good overhead lighting or a lamp nearby. Try to remove anything that causes a shadow on your face.
  4. Background: Remove anything distracting from the background. A blank wall or a wall with a few pictures on it is best. If that’s not possible, continue with your recording, send it to us, and we’ll let you know if you need to reshoot it in a new location.
  5. Positioning: Position your head in the center of the video so that the top is not cut off.
  6. Speaking: Speak slowly and clearly.
  7. Multiple takes: If at any point you misspeak or forget what to say, start the recording over.
  8. Double check: Watch your video before sending it to make sure the audio and visuals are good. Rerecord the video, if necessary.

Ideas for short videos

If you’re searching for subjects to feature in your short videos, here are some suggestions.

  • Educational videos about medical conditions, procedures or surgeries
  • Patient instructions for pre- and post-op
  • “What to expect” videos about procedures and surgeries
  • Introducing and explaining new procedures, equipment or medications

We live in a visual age, and people appreciate video content.

Talk to the Catalyst Healthcare Marketing team about how to shoot great social media video

With Catalyst Healthcare Marketing, you never have to spend time looking for answers. We are here to help you with every aspect of marketing, including shooting video for social media to increase your visibility. If you need ideas, suggestions or advice, contact us. We are your marketing experts.

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