Catalyst Healthcare Marketing

Web Maintenance and IT Services

Our web maintenance and  IT services can make your site run like a well-oiled machine

If you’re busy running your practice, you might find that you don’t have extra time to manage your website. However, a secure, updated and user-friendly site is one of the best ways to attract (and retain) new patients. What’s the solution? IT services and web maintenance through Catalyst Healthcare Marketing.

Our experienced team of web programmers and IT specialists works hard behind the scenes to keep your website running smoothly. Our web service leave you with more time to focus on treating patients and innovating your practice.

Our web maintenance services keep your site running smoothly

You can think of website maintenance services like getting the oil changed in your car. Just like your vehicle won’t run as effectively (or at all) without regular oil changes, your site can run into problems without proper maintenance.

Our healthcare marketing company can provide monthly or quarterly site maintenance as part of our IT services. For routine maintenance, our team addresses issues, enhances site security and adapts to evolving technology standards to ensure a seamless user experience.

Specifically, the Catalyst IT team performs the following maintenance activities.

You can think of our maintenance services as an investment in the longevity and functionality of your website. Additionally, our services can give you peace of mind that our team is working hard to prevent security breaches and threats. The result is a secure site that will please patients and enhance your presence in the digital world.

You can rely on our IT services to address other website needs

As part of web maintenance through Catalyst Healthcare Marketing, our IT team can work with our writers to update your site content. For example, if new physicians or employees join your practice, we can update your content to reflect that.

Additionally, you can count on us if you ever need support outside of your normal maintenance window. We offer a convenient way to report an issue any time with our handy website support request feature. Just provide some basic information, including a description of the issue, and we’ll take care of it. There’s no easier way to have peace of mind about your website.

If you’d like to learn more about starting IT services and site maintenance with Catalyst Healthcare Marketing, contact us. We can explain everything you need to know, including how to get started.