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Web Hosting, Programming and IT Services

Want your site to run like a well oiled machine?

Through our vendor partners, we bring the latest in IT support to our clients. From HIPPA and Banking compliant hosting to advanced processes such as cloud computing, disaster recovery and virus and spam protection. With Catalyst IT Services you can feel confident that your data is protected and always available.

Email Hosting Services

Need reliable email? Need some control over the amount of spam and viruses that hit your email every day? Catalyst has the answer for you! Our Email Hosting Services are available to help.

Estimates say that dealing with spam costs the average organization $168 per user per year in lost productivity.

Virus-laden e-mail messages can easily cripple your network, or worse, install malware applications that can silently steal company or customer information from your computers.

Most small businesses use what’s known as “POP” mail, which means that your mail is delivered to a third-party mail server (your ISP, web hosting company, etc.). Your computer then retrieves the messages (removing them from the server) and stores them on your PC. What happens if your PC dies? What happens when you need access to your e-mail when you’re not at your PC?

There’s a better way.

Microsoft Exchange™ e-mail hosting will let you take advantage of these great features:

Access your e-mail from anywhere, including your calendar and contacts
Sleep easy knowing that your e-mail is being securely backed up
Group calendars that streamline scheduling by exposing free or busy times for your employees as well as your shared resources like meeting rooms
Address books for maintaining and sharing company-wide contact information
Public folders for organizing and sharing files
Task lists for basic project management and coordination of activities
Sync your e-mail, contacts and calendar to your mobile device
Web Site Hosting

We can provide:

1000 MB disk space
15GB Monthly Data Transfer
Unlimited e-mail boxes
Webmail access
CGI/PHP/MySQL Capability
Tight Security
Uninterruptible Power Supply
FTP Access

Want an automated email newsletter, a baby book that you can update on your schedule or online “true” forms for your office?

The Catalyst programmers are by your side.

Our programmers are the wish granters, finding programming solutions to make your office run more efficiently and creating websites that drive patients to your office. We work with you to help you use the pieces of your web site to harness the power of the internet. Work with us to determine what type of information you want to gather, how you want to gather it, and how you want it organized to work best with your day-to-day needs. We’ll find the solutions.

IT Services

Through our Catalyst IT partners we offer practices resources to, proactively manage their IT networks, preventing problems before they happen. By performing routine maintenance tasks by a “virtual” IT department we can offer the benefits of a Full Time in house IT department for a fraction of the cost.

S.W.A.R.M. – Security With Alerting and Routine Maintenance.

Security – S.W.A.R.M. software will work with your anti-virus and anti-spyware software to prevent malicious software from being installed on your computer. Our software can also prevent applications from running based on criteria you specify, and even block malicious attachments contained in your e-mail.

Alerting – S.W.A.R.M. software is configured to alert your “virtual IT department” whenever a problem or error occurs, and depending on severity, can even send an alert by phone. In most cases problems can be addressed before they turn into much larger issues.

Routine Maintenance – S.W.A.R.M. software is configured to automatically and unobtrusively perform regular maintenance tasks like disk defragmentation, cleanup of temporary files, verification of anti-virus definition files, and much more, keeping your computers running at peak performance.

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