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WordPress Security: How We Keep Your Site Safe

WordPress security measures can keep your website safe from online attacks

WordPress security measures can keep your website safe from online attacks - How can you promote WordPress security on your site?What matters when it comes to a website? Yes, it should be user-friendly, informative and attractive. But that’s not all. It should also be secure. If you have a WordPress site (which is the most-popular way to build a website), WordPress security should be one of your top focuses. It turns out that most website hacks are due to preventable issues, like having insecure passwords and not keeping up with those updates. Thankfully, this means you can act now to prevent problems in the future.

This blog post will explain how you can keep your WordPress site secure and how a web team can help you do it.

How can you promote WordPress security on your site?

You can learn a lot from other people’s mistakes. Looking at three common causes of WordPress website hacks shows how to avoid falling victim to online attacks ourselves.

Running outdated core software is one of the leading causes of website hacks. The WordPress team does a great job of fixing security vulnerabilities using updates. However, your website won’t be able to reap those benefits if you aren’t running the latest core software. So, the moral of the story is to promptly apply all those new security updates.

Using insecure passwords makes it all too easy for hackers to breach your site. Your password is the key to the front door of your website. This means that you should keep your password in a secure location (not under the equivalent of your front door mat). You should also pick a unique and strong password that someone cannot easily guess, and you don’t use anywhere else. For the best results, you can use the automatically generated, secure password that WordPress gives you.

Relying on a poor hosting environment and outdated technology can leave your site vulnerable to attacks. Right now, your website hosting environment should be using PHP 7 or higher because PHP 7 offers many security enhancements. Many earlier versions of PHP haven’t had security support for years, which leaves the door open to unpatched security vulnerabilities. This means that staying current in this area is critically important.

It’s also important to have an SSL certificate and a secure hosting server environment. The SSL certificate helps keep information from contact forms safe from data theft. As for having a secure hosting server, it can help stop hackers at the gate and further protect you from breaches.

You don’t have to keep your website secure on your own

Keeping up with WordPress security can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re running a medical practice. However, you don’t have to do it alone. The web team at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing keeps up with all the latest WordPress updates and best practices, applying them to our clients’ websites. If you’d like help in this area, contact us and learn what we can do for you.

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