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Update Your Website to the New PHP Version 8.2

Get the PHP update to keep your website powered up

Get the PHP update to keep your website powered upIt’s time! A new PHP update has been released. PHP version 8.2 has been vetted, and it’s time to update. What does that mean, and does it affect your website?

PHP, the underlying coding language that makes your website functional and dynamic, has been updated significantly – and, yes, it likely affects your site.

Why get the PHP update?

PHP Version 8.2 has proven to be a major update, offering notable improvements. Updating your website to version 8.2 will keep your website operating at peak performance.

  • Improved, uninterrupted website functionality
  • Additional malware safeguards
  • 20% to 25% faster performance

What happens if your site is not updated to PHP Version 8.2?

Catalyst Healthcare Marketing encourages clients to take advantage of the new PHP update to ensure a seamless, fully functional website.

The longer your site runs at a lower version, the more susceptible it becomes to attacks. Malware creators and hackers use the time with older versions to find vulnerabilities and breach your site. Running on outdated versions also risks lost functionality and incompatibility with other programs.

In addition to outside concerns, Catalyst anticipates that WPEngine, your web server, will soon require all websites to be run on version 8.0 or higher. Not installing the PHP update before their deadline will result in significant programming issues.

How is your site updated?

Updates are not automatically installed. They have to be done on demand and installed with consideration of all of the programs run on your site. Catalyst has analyzed PHP Version 8.2 and confidently recommends it to our clients.

Your Catalyst account manager can identify your site’s current PHP version and facilitate any needed updates. Client websites on Catalyst’s Web Maintenance Plans will automatically be updated to Version 8.2.

Catalyst Healthcare Marketing can help you stay on top of all updates to ensure your website is always available to your patients and functioning at peak performance. Contact us with any questions about the PHP update, your website or our Web Maintenance Plans.

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