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Exploring How Google Ranks Content

Learning how Google ranks content is the key to showing up at the top of search results

Learning how Google ranks content is the key to showing up at the top of search resultsEveryone wants that coveted spot. Yes, we’re talking about the number one spot on page one of Google search results. But how do you make it happen? The key is to know how Google ranks content, and then create search engine optimized (SEO) webpages and blogs. Sounds easy, right? Well, it turns out that Google is looking for a lot of different things when it’s ranking content, so it’s not always so simple.

Here, the SEO team from our healthcare marketing agency is providing some insight into what Google wants to see in website content.

What factors determine how Google ranks content?

When some people hear the term “SEO,” they think it means that you can just stuff popular keywords into a webpage and call it a day. While having keyword-rich content on your website is critical, it’s not enough to rank highly in Google search results. In fact, using a keyword too many or too few times, or in the wrong places, can actually hurt your webpage’s ranking. And this is just one of the factors to consider.

When Google ranks content, it’s ultimately trying to decide which content on the web is the most relevant and the most useful for someone searching for a specific topic. Some factors are a bit more difficult to control (like how many people share your content and how long visitors stay on your website). However, there are a few things you can do to improve your Google ranking.

Expertly written content performs better than something written by a person who doesn’t understand the topic. That’s why all of our writers have an excellent grasp of specific medical topics, as well as SEO knowledge.

Engaging content is important because people are ultimately reading it. While it’s true that Google is ranking your content, you have to write for real humans at the end of the day. Otherwise, your website visitors will bounce from your site, showing Google that your content isn’t that helpful.

Regularly posting content also helps improve your website’s reputation in Google’s eyes. You can think of your website as a living thing, which means you have to keep feeding it for it to grow and remain strong. As a result, having a thriving website with current content is important when thinking about how Google ranks content.

Getting your website to rank high in Google search results is a full-time job

As you can see, getting that number one spot takes a lot of hard work and ongoing effort. If you’re busy running a medical practice and taking care of patients, you might not have the time to do this yourself. That’s where our healthcare marketing agency comes in. You can rely on our SEO team and writers to regularly craft engaging, expertly written content that follows the current SEO guidelines. Then, you can just focus on the practice of medicine.

Want to learn more about how Google ranks content, or how Catalyst Healthcare Marketing can help improve your site’s ranking? Contact us to set up a time to talk.

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