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The End of Google+ and What It Means

The end is near for Google+, so what does it mean?

The end is near for Google+, so what does it mean?The days of Google+ have come to an end. As of April 2, Google will shut down and delete all pages on the now-defunct social media platform. In fact, as early as February 4, users will no longer be able to create content on the platform.

You probably have questions about what this means for you and the way you market your practice online. Our healthcare marketing agency is here to help. Learn what this platform was meant to be, why it failed and how it will affect you.

A look at what Google+ hoped to become and why it failed

Google+ was supposed to compete with Facebook and Twitter. Google hoped to provide its own social media platform for both individuals and businesses. However, a number of issues led to the platform’s demise.

  • Facebook and other social media platforms were already well-established as the standard in social networking.
  • The platform didn’t bring any new innovations to the table. It was simply a mediocre copy of Facebook that was more difficult to use.
  • Google was not upgrading at the same level as Facebook and other platforms.
  • Very few users actively used the platform, so businesses and marketers didn’t focus on it as a channel to promote their services. As a result, there was very little unique content on the platform that would encourage users to visit. It was a vicious cycle.

What does this mean for you and your practice?

The team at our healthcare marketing agency wants you to know that the end of this platform will not have much bearing on your web presence. In fact, if you had a Google+ page from the old system for businesses, Google has most likely already removed it. This is because Google wanted to make the platform a non-business service before it gave up on it.

The real value when it comes to marketing your practice online is Google My Business (GMB) listings. Google never gave much SEO value to Google+. As a result, GMB has and will always be the best value of all the Google services for a business.

If you don’t have a current GMB listing for your practitioners and locations, you should contact us so that we can help you maximize your web presence. Our healthcare marketing agency is here to help your practice thrive in the digital space.

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