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SSL Certificates Update

Catalyst shares an update on SSL certificates

SSL Certificates Update - Is Your Website Affected?The team at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing is committed to helping you create and maintain a website that allows your medical practice to grow and flourish. Though content is important, the technical aspects of your website are just as critical. Our web developers and designers follow the latest developments and requirements for websites, and they have an update about SSL certificates to share with you.

A change regarding SSL certificates

It’s no secret that Google wants website owners to implement SSL certificates. SSL enables HTTPS on your website and encrypts information sent between website visitors and your web server. Firefox telemetry has found that approximately 60% of web pages have SSL certificates. However, Google would like this number to be even higher.

In the past, Google rewarded website owners for implementing SSL, but now it’s becoming more of a punishment system. Starting in October, if your website has any kind of text input, you will need an SSL certificate. Without it, website visitors will receive a “Not Secure” warning in the address bar, even if your website is technically secure.

Find out whether your website will be affected

Are you wondering whether your website will display a “Not Secure” warning, starting in October? You can ask two questions to find out.

  1. Does your site include any type of text input, including search bars, login panels and contact forms?
  2. Does your website have HTTP:// in the address bar?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, you need to implement SSL to avoid the dreaded “Not Secure” warning. Luckily, the team at Catalyst can help you, as implementing SSL for your website is no problem for our technical wizards. Contact us to find out more about SSL certificates and how our team can keep your website running smoothly for you and your visitors.

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