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The Value of Incorporating Trending Blog Topics

Trending blog topics can attract more visitors to your website and patients to your practice

Trending blog topics can attract more visitors to your website and patients to your practiceRaise your hand if you think that creating a basic website is enough to attract and convert potential patients. Creating a site with a few webpages on relevant topics is a good start, but it’s not enough to keep people coming back. This tactic also probably won’t do much to engage the visitors who land on your site. One of the things that will help is regularly adding posts that focus on trending blog topics.

The team at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing has seen time after time how engaging blog posts can help convert curious web surfers into dedicated patients. Read on to learn more about the power of creating blog posts on relevant topics.

Connect with patients by using trending blog topics

As a physician, you went to medical school and completed specialized residency (and maybe even fellowship) training. When patients review your credentials, they’ll see that you’re a highly qualified healthcare provider. However, they may still wonder whether you’re relatable and easy-to-understand. It turns out that having engaging blog posts on your website can help patients see that you are.

Like webpages, blog posts should be professionally written and medically accurate. However, blog posts are designed to be a bit more casual and conversational than a webpage.

  • You can think of a webpage as a conversation with a highly trained doctor.
  • In contrast, a blog post is a conversation with an incredibly knowledgeable friend.

Additionally, when you focus on trending blog topics for your website, it shows your patients and potential patients that you’re up-to-date on what’s going on in your field. It also illustrates that you can clearly explain these topics and answer your patients’ burning questions about them.

It takes skill to create engaging blog posts

Many physicians find it challenging to write posts that are the perfect blend of professional, relevant and readable. It can also be difficult to find the time to do it when you’re busy running a practice. Thankfully, Catalyst has an experienced team of medical and search engine optimization (SEO) writers who can help you highlight trending blog topics on your website. You can leave the content creation to us and the practice of medicine to you.

Would you like to learn more about how Catalyst can help you by writing engaging blog posts for your website? Contact us and we can explain how our marketing professionals can assist you.

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