Our Marketing Staff

Our Marketing Team

Amy Hall: President

Amy began her career in healthcare with her eye on a PhD in Genetics…after receiving a BS in Microbiology from Texas A&M University and beginning research on a little know algae species, she quickly discovered that there was no one to talk to in the lab at 2:30 in the morning. Changing track to a more conversational field…pharmacy, Amy received a degree from the University of Houston College of Pharmacy.

For the next eight years, Amy worked as a pharmacist and district manager under the tutelage of Sam Walton with Wal-Mart’s pharmacy division. In that period, Amy grew her own pharmacy business, in Texas City, Texas, from a new store with empty shelves to 4 million in retail sales and unprecedented profit numbers.

In 1995, Amy received a promotion and became the district manager of the Dallas and Fort Worth sales district. Her challenge at this point was to teach other pharmacy managers, in her 20 plus stores, how to market and grow their business through profit and loss management, marketing, and referral relationship building so that they could model the success of her original store in Texas City.

Following the death of Sam Walton, the gradual change in the climate of the Wal-Mart culture prompted Amy to take a new job with ivpcare, Inc., a leader in the specialty injectable drug market. Amy spent the next seven years using her skills from Wal-Mart to improve the pharmacy operations, vendor relations and sales, and marketing of this nationally recognized, specialty pharmacy.

With the acquisition of ivpcare by Oncology Therapeutic Network, and then McKesson in 2006, Amy left to join North Texas Infectious Disease and Specialty Pharmacy where she worked to grow the reach and profitability of the private practice; expand infusion center and travel medicine business by developing sales and marketing platforms; develop collateral materials and relationships with vendors and referral partners. In turn, Amy realized the true potential and need for a catalyst to help physicians, in every specialty, effectively market their businesses.

Catalyst Healthcare Marketing was formed in 2007 and has been successfully helping private practice physicians find creative and brand-consistent ways to grow their businesses for three years.

Amy lives in Flower Mound, Texas with her husband, two very busy sons, and two puppies, Jasper and Scout, who won’t stop digging up the vegetable garden.


Nancy Mullins: Content Editor, Ad Campaign Specialist

Beginning her career in newspapers and transitioning into public relations, Nancy is a copywriter, media relations specialist and direct response strategist who is an 18-year communication veteran. She serves her clients in the high-tech and consumer sectors, thriving in a fast-paced agency environment.

For eight years, she helped lead the editorial department of a national newsletter company, providing marketing and client retention materials for property management companies. During her tenure, Nancy helped develop, design, and write local content for nine major metropolitan areas.

Her most recent experience includes media relations and copywriting for a private university in Dallas, Texas, and producing monthly e-newsletters, online appeals, and web content for an international hunger relief agency. Nancy provides counsel, strategy, and killer copy for her valued clients. She left Baylor University with both a degree in journalism/marketing and a husband.

Currently, Nancy lives in Flower Mound, Texas with her husband, two children, and oversized golden retriever.


Rene Zain: Multimedia Designer

Rene Zain is a multimedia designer who specializes in aesthetically pleasing, engaging website design and coding. His design career began as a passionate hobby while attending film school at the University of Texas at Austin. Thereafter, Rene enrolled into Austin Community College’s Visual Communication certificate program, where he garnered skills in creating visually compelling and attractive presentations of art within the web, animation, and still art.

Rene has many websites under his belt, creating many from composition conception to final implementation and going live. He endlessly continues to produce up-to-date, inspiring designs in an ever changing medium.

Rene currently resides in Austin, Texas where he has lived for the past 13 years.


Ryan Nevelow: Web Developer

Ryan executes back-end and front-end coding and development details on the Catalyst Healthcare Marketing websites, responsively and proactively adding functionality, creativity and SEO value to his work.

Ryan grew up in Austin, and initially pursued mechanical engineering at UT Arlington. A career exploration course redirected his path toward his life’s calling: technology and marketing. Ryan transferred to Texas State University, graduated in 2012 and immediately positioned himself as an indispensable resource for online marketers. He recalls creating a fully functional website in his first week in web development. His web and application-programming wheelhouse includes: WordPress, CSS, HTML and PHP web scripting language.

He is passionate about taking something that seems very difficult and complex and using analytics to create precisely what the client wants. When he is not exploring all of the possibilities of web development, Ryan enjoys fishing, gardening and working on home improvement projects. He’s a skilled carpenter and woodworker, adding raised garden beds or crown molding to his home as adeptly as he would a mast slider or news/blogging tool to a home page.


Cheryl Bemis: Video and Photo Production

With more than 20 years in radio and television, Cheryl has extensive video production experience, with an emphasis on the fashion industry. Cheryl covers New York Fashion Week as a videographer and covers the Austin fashion scene for Fashionably Austin.

Using her skills as a producer and creator, Cheryl launched the weekly television fashion segment, Fashionably 8, for News 8 Austin, which still airs today. During the five years she anchored, produced and edited her segment for News 8, Cheryl gave viewers an insider’s look at local designers and trends in Austin. During her time at News 8 Austin, Cheryl interviewed celebrities and fashion luminaries, honing her skills. In fact, Cheryl was the first on-air personality for News 8 Austin to receive recognition for her work by the Austin Chronicle.

Cheryl lives in Austin, TX with her husband and family and is intimately involved in the Austin Fashion scene, attending and reporting on the growing Austin fashion community.


Jill Case: Writer

From her first freelance job as a proofreader for Encyclopedia Britannica to her current job at Catalyst HCM, Jill has spent the past twenty plus years working as a freelance writer. She has had a diverse freelance career, including writing for Sears® catalog, creating names for Christmas ornaments, writing copy for scientific equipment, and even earning a Myers-Brigg Type Indicator® Certification so she could create company profiles and marketing plans based on personality type.

Since graduating from The Ohio State University, in addition to working for national corporate clients, advertising agencies and non-profits as a copywriter, she has also worked as a proofreader and editor. She writes magazine articles and has worked as an editorial assistant for a national magazine.

Healthcare and medical writing are a particular interest for Jill, and it has been her focus for the past few years. She especially enjoys doing research and interviewing doctors and healthcare professionals.

Jill and her husband live in Fort Wayne, IN with their very spoiled dog, Chad. Empty nesters, they enjoy spending as much time as possible with their two daughters.


Susan Eckert: Copywriter and Idea Incubator

With more than 20 years of experience working with national, regional and local clients for advertising and public relations agencies, Susan now provides strategic communications counsel to a number of clients on a freelance basis. She has leveraged experience producing publications for a medical foundation to bring insight to writing for Catalyst clients.

In addition, she has more than a decade of experience managing media relations and publications for a major metropolitan zoo and a major pest control company, and she uses the animal reproductive technology trivia she’s acquired to entertain both adults at cocktail parties and kids at carpool.

Susan learned how to keep many plates spinning in the air while working at restaurants and earning degrees in advertising and in journalism/public relations at The University of Texas at Austin before moving to Dallas.

She lives in an old house near Downtown Dallas with her husband, son and a tabby named Tex, who was born in the shadow of Big Tex at Fair Park. When not writing compelling copy or counseling clients, she can be found planning home renovations, Googling sites for her next vacation, practicing her culinary skills, and organizing extracurricular activities for her son.


Beth Spencer: Writer and Copy Editor

With over 15 years experience as a professional writer, Beth Spencer brings creativity, vision, and dedication to her professional endeavors.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and English from Indiana University at Bloomington, Beth worked for a publishing company as a production editor, preparing computer textbooks for publication. When she and her husband moved to Dallas for his job, she transitioned into multimedia development and spent eight years in that field.

As a project manager and instructional designer, Beth honed her skills in writing and designing content for online media. For the last nine years, Beth has worked as a freelance writer, generating Web content, promotional teasers, marketing materials, non-profit appeals, and support collateral for her various clients.

Beth lives in Flower Mound with her family.


Rajesh Mahbubani: Programmer

After graduating from UT Austin, Rajesh Mahbubani spent six years as an Applications Engineer in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software industry. He then transitioned to web application development and consulting. He primarily specializes in back-end application development and database structuring, and has added SugarCRM to his capabilities for creating custom processes, building workflows and business process outsourcing. Rajesh also adds value to Catalyst websites with front-end applications that people interact with on a website.

Rajesh says that everyone wants to see a pretty front end on a website, but he respects the power of having something that adds value from a server-side standpoint. “What you see on a webpage is only half the picture. If your website doesn’t actually do anything, it’s like having a car with a shiny exterior. The doors unlock, but it doesn’t go anywhere.”

In his spare time, Rajesh enjoys rock climbing and greenbelt hiking.


Jessica Bates: Copywriter

Jessica Bates graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in journalism and English. Her lifelong love of reading and writing naturally landed her in a copywriting role fresh out of college. Her first writing job involved photographing and reviewing local attractions in Miami, Florida.

Jessica has written for the web in many professional capacities since 2008. Some of her past gigs include environmental writing, event reporting, social media strategy, SEO copywriting, medical writing, and script reading. She is happy to be part of the Catalyst team.

When she isn’t writing for Catalyst Healthcare Marketing, you can find her reading books to her son, debating space and time with her husband, cuddling with her two dogs, writing fiction or poetry, eating pizza, practicing yoga or taking really hot baths. Jessica lives in Nashville and runs a book club at Atmalogy, a coffee shop and meeting space downtown.


Shannon Flynn: Copywriter

Starting her career as an attorney, Shannon Flynn eventually followed her passion for writing and transitioned to a career as a freelance writer. From her beginnings as a contributing writer for a women’s health website to her current role as a copywriter at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing, Shannon has always had an interest in writing about medicine and women’s health.

In addition to her work with Catalyst, Shannon also writes articles and blog posts for clients ranging from non-profits dealing with international human rights to trade magazines focusing on automotive maintenance. Shannon also served as the senior copywriter for a national website covering Black Friday and holiday sales.

As a Columbus, Ohio native, Shannon is proud to have received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her law degree from The Ohio State University. Shannon still lives in Columbus today.

Shannon loves a challenge and variety in her work, and loves being a member of the Catalyst team.


Diane Stumpf: Copywriter

Diane Stumpf has more than 25 years of experience as a writer, editor, corporate communications manager and public relations professional.

After graduating from the University of Kansas with a degree in magazine journalism, Diane joined the staff of an Arizona business magazine as a writer. Following a move to Southern California, she became senior editor of an international trade magazine for human resources executives. Diane transitioned into corporate communications after writing about the human resources department of a global pharmaceutical company based in Irvine, California. She became editor of the company’s global employee magazine and a manager in the corporate communications department.

Since turning her focus to public relations, Diane has specialized in travel and consumer PR. As a senior account manager for a top 10 PR firm in Orange County, California, she represented a number of companies from Western Canada in the U.S. travel market. After moving to Dallas, she joined a boutique PR firm, directing media relations for a wide range of travel clients and assisting client teams with writing and other creative projects.

A Mom to two teenagers, Diane is also a swim coach and instructor. In her spare time she enjoys swimming and reading.