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Comparing webpages and blogs – Answering your questions

Comparing webpages and blogs – Answering your questionsMany of our clients have questions about the difference between webpages and blogs. They want to know which type of content is more helpful for online marketing and growing their practice. When comparing webpages and blogs, the team at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing wants you to understand that these two types of content have different roles.

Looking at the difference between webpages and blogs

Webpages and blogs are both important components of a comprehensive and SEO-friendly website. But when we’re comparing webpages and blogs, what’s the difference? Let’s start by looking at what webpages and blogs are.

  • Webpages are the pages you see on a website. This includes everything from the homepage to webpages about specific treatments.
  • Blogs contain text in the style of an article, so they often contain more casual language. These pieces of content often include pictures or videos.

The differences between webpages and blogs don’t stop there. People tend to use these types of content differently, which contributes to differences in search rankings on Google and other search engines.

  • People often come to a webpage for information about your medical practice. In contrast, users typically visit blogs for more information about a topic.
  • Webpages tend to stay constant, but blogs are published on a regular basis.
  • Webpages are more likely to acquire links than blogs.

While SEO is important for both types of content, the team at Catalyst finds that it is more critical for webpages than blogs. Blogs tend to be more valuable for social media posting. It’s a way to provide current information for social media and direct readers to your website.

Final thoughts on comparing webpages and blogs

Because webpages and blogs have different and equally valuable roles, the Catalyst team recommends that our clients regularly add both types of content to their website. This is the best way to create a thriving web presence that will attract new patients to your practice.

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