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What is a Quality Score and How Does it Affect PPC Ads?

Catalyst explains how your Quality Score affects your PPC ads

Catalyst explains how your Quality Score affects your PPC adsIf you run pay-per-click (PPC) ads, you need to understand your Quality Score. Wondering why? Quality Scores influence the effectiveness of your PPC ads and how much money these ads cost your practice to run.

You can think of a Quality Score like your credit score. Just as your credit score affects the interest rate of a loan, your Google Quality Score influences your PPC ad performance and how much each click costs.

What is a Quality Score?

Simply put, your Quality Score is the rating Google gives the relevance and quality of your keywords and PPC ads. It not only determines your cost-per-click (CPC), it also determines your ad’s ranking.

Several factors can influence your Quality Score.

  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Keyword relevance to each ad group
  • Landing page quality and relevance
  • Ad text relevance
  • Past AdWords account performance

Only Google knows how much each factor affects the Quality Score algorithm. However, we do know that click-through rate is very important. When people see your ad and click on it, this shows Google that your ads are helpful to users. As such, Google rewards you with lower ad costs and higher ad rankings.

How can Catalyst help improve your Quality Score?

Because many factors can affect your Quality Score, our team focuses on several areas to continually improve the score for your practice.

  • Keyword research and organization. Our team performs research to discover new and highly relevant keywords. We add these keywords to your ad campaigns and landing pages. We also divide your keywords into organized groups so that our team can effectively associate them with specific campaigns.
  • Creating organic web content and optimizing landing pages. Our writers create pertinent and readable content that follows best practices for web writing. These pages include relevant keywords so that we can connect pages with your ad groups. This gives website visitors a cohesive experience and improves conversion.

One key benefit of improving your Quality Scores is that you have a higher return on investment (ROI). A higher Quality Score correlates with lower cost per conversion. This is different than cost-per-click because it is not how much you pay for each click. It’s how much you pay when someone takes an action you want, such as contacting your office or scheduling an appointment.

Wondering if the team at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing can help you improve your Quality Score and PPC ads? Contact us to discuss your marketing needs and learn how we can help.

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