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Why You Need an SEO Editorial Calendar

Doing website content? Make sure you have an SEO editorial calendar

Doing website content? Make sure you have an SEO editorial calendarAs a doctor, you create treatment plans for each of your patients. As a healthcare marketing agency, we also create plans. Specifically, our content marketing team develops plans to help attract new visitors to your website and convert them into loyal patients. Creating and sticking to an SEO editorial calendar for each of our clients is one of the ways we do this.

Many people don’t know what an editorial calendar is or how it works, so we’re here to demystify this handy marketing tool.

What is an SEO editorial calendar?

When we create digital marketing content for our clients, webpages and blogs feature prominently. However, we don’t write about random topics. We use each client’s editorial calendar as our guide.

An SEO editorial calendar is a tool that helps manage the process of producing search engine optimized (SEO) content. It lists about a year’s worth of approved webpage and blog post topics, with specific topics being assigned each month.

We work with our clients to determine what service lines they would like to focus on for the next year. We combine this information with our background in healthcare writing and SEO to come up with a list of webpage and blog topics. The goal is to write content that will highlight profitable and new service lines while also ensuring the existing website content is current.

Why is this digital content marketing tool so important?

Good planning, which includes having a solid editorial calendar, is one of the most important ingredients of a successful marketing campaign. The following benefits help explain why.

Hit long-term goals with short-term milestones. With an editorial calendar, you can list short-term benchmarks like writing a webpage and a blog post each month. These benchmarks can then help you reach long-term goals like driving a certain number of visitors to your site.

Ensure all content is optimized for search engines. Creating effective SEO content requires our team to keep up with ever-changing guidelines and lots of moving pieces. An SEO editorial calendar helps our writers keep it all straight to develop great content every time.

Frees up our clients’ time. Without an editorial calendar, we would have to ask our clients for new webpage and blog post topics each month, which is hardly efficient. With an editorial calendar, the only thing our clients have to approve is the finished SEO content.

If you’re looking for an experienced healthcare marketing agency to help you with your SEO content planning and creation, look no further. Our content manager and team of writers can help you with everything from developing an editorial calendar to content creation. Contact us to learn more.

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