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What’s the Lifespan of a Website?

Nothing lasts forever, including websites, so learn about the lifespan of a website

Nothing lasts forever, including websites, so learn about the lifespan of a websiteIn a virtual world, things are always changing. Web users want fast and new, and if your website can’t deliver, then they’ll bounce right off it. But how do you know if you have an outdated website that’s driving potential patients away instead of bringing them in? It turns out that understanding the lifespan of a website is key.

Catalyst Healthcare Marketing has the info you need to help you determine whether your website needs a refresh or it’s good to go for another year. Read on to learn more, including the pitfalls of having an outdated website.

What is the lifespan of a website?

So, let’s dive into the big question. How long is a website good for? On average, we typically recommend that practices think about redoing their website after five years. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule.

Different factors, such as a practice rebrand and dramatic changes in your market, may require you to update your website sooner. Additionally, having a mobile-friendly website, a future-focused design and regular updates can sometimes help extend the life of your website.

What are the problems with having an outdated website?

Having an outdated website isn’t just about aesthetics. It can negatively affect both form and function. Specifically, having a site that’s beyond the recommended lifespan of a website can cause several problems.

  • Higher bounce rate, or more people leaving your website without going to another page.
  • Inability to properly view your website on mobile devices.
  • Outdated content and poor search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Poorer website health, including more errors and slower page load speed.
  • Fewer contact form submissions and phone calls from potential patients.

Clearly, having an outdated website is a serious problem for any practice that hopes to compete in today’s world. Thankfully, the web design team at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing has the expertise to take websites from marketing dinosaurs to marketing dynamite.

Contact us to see how we can help if your website is ready for a refresh.

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