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The Most Important Marketing Services

Discover the marketing services that will help your practice thrive

Discover the marketing services that will help your practice thrive
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You know that you want to hire an agency that specializes in marketing healthcare practices, but where should you start? Your first step should be to think about what you need a marketing company to do. However, you can’t stop there, because an experienced agency can provide many marketing services that you might not have even considered.

To help you know what to look for in a marketing partner, Catalyst Healthcare Marketing has created a list of the most important marketing services. Read on to discover what they are and why they’re so vital.

What should a healthcare marketing partner be able to provide?

For the sake of organization, we’ve divided the most important marketing services into eight different categories. Each one is distinct yet works together with the others to help your practice grow and thrive.

Creating a brand: This is an extensive process that includes designing a logo and color palette and identifying your practice’s differentiators and voice.

Developing a strategic marketing plan: Your marketing agency should conduct research and analysis to craft a plan that includes everything from marketing tactics to measurable goals.

Establishing an online presence: Every healthcare practice should find a company that provides marketing services that include web development, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media and reputation management.

Facilitating physician referrals: Depending on your practice’s needs, an experienced marketer can help with email and texting campaigns, collateral development, and lunch and learn events.

Utilizing traditional media: Having a web presence is vital, but it can also sometimes be helpful to use forms of traditional media like radio, direct mail and TV advertising.

Helping with internal marketing: From assisting with employee communications to soliciting patient testimonials, a healthcare marketing partner can be a huge help.

Supporting public relations: It often makes sense to rely on a skilled PR professional to assist with interviews, sponsorships, publicity and community events.

Assisting with employer marketing: This area includes implementing a sales system, developing collateral materials, and preparing for meetings and presentations.

Catalyst offers all these marketing services and more

From traditional print materials to trending podcasts, Catalyst does it all. Our team includes professionals whose expertise spans every area of healthcare marketing, and we’re always developing and implementing new tools to help our practices reach (and convert) even more patients.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how Catalyst can help you reach and exceed your marketing goals.

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