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Modern Rebranding Services for Web and Social Media Launch: Fertility Associates of Memphis

We’re pleased to announce the newly designed website launch of CHCM client, Fertility Associates of Memphis, which took place this past week on March 25th, 2013. Additional services include brand oriented design, basic setup, and blog feed coordination for major social media accounts.

About Fertility Associates of Memphis:

Fertility Associates of Memphis is a Tennessee-based reproductive health, infertility and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) practice led by Dr. Raymond Ke, Dr. Paul Brezina and a world renowned expert on recurrent miscarriage, Dr. William Kutteh. Fertility Associates of Memphis has provided compassionate and leading-edge fertility services for thousands of couples that have struggled with becoming pregnant.

CHCM Rebranding Services:

Updated Website Design:

The initial design includes a modern WordPress theme, customized for effective display of client services,  and a complimenting color scheme consisting of calming teal blues, light purple, and a splash of red.

In part with the updated look, an interactive slide deck has been placed on the homepage masthead. Current slides include clinic information, a link for scheduling appointments, and a Youtube clip of Dr. Kutteh’s Memphis Channel 5 interview.


Social Media Optimization:

  • Facebook: Client received a new cover photo and profile picture, both designed to reflect the recently updated image. Services for basic account setup, blog feed, and initial advertising were also provided.
  • Twitter: Client received sophisticated background design, cover photo, and profile picture along with basic setup services including username selection, input of clinic information (location, hours, website link), and input of Twitter-standardized biography.
  • Youtube: Client received matching background design seen on Twitter account, basic account setup, and upload of first clinic video.

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