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Midwest Reproductive Center’s Unwavering Support of the Family Act of 2011

Dr. Dan Gehlbach Supports Family Act of 2011 with a Congressional Visit from Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins


Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins of Topeka visited  Midwest Reproductive Center (MRC) in Olathe, KS yesterday. Dr. Gehlbach, a staunch supporter to the Family Act of 2011, discussed  the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other fertility treatments available to couples facing infertility with Congresswomen Jenkins.

The Congresswoman was given a tour of the facility and  also enjoyed hearing the personal stories of infertility from Melissa and Lisa, two happy mom’s from the MRC IVF program. Also in attendance was David Nichols, government affairs official for the Family Act.

Learn more about Dr. Gehlbach and the Family Act  at the Midwest Reproductive Center Press Page.

Dr. Gehlbach in the News: KCTV Channel 5 Kansas City News: Family Act 2011 in Kansas City





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