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Catalyst Is a Certified Google Partner

Learn how Catalyst’s designation as a Certified Google Partner benefits you

Learn how Catalyst’s designation as a Certified Google Partner benefits youBeing a healthcare provider means that you understand the importance of education and training. You know that people are more likely to select a provider who has the right credentials. The same is true in the healthcare marketing space, which is why Catalyst Healthcare Marketing is a Certified Google Partner. Read on to learn what this means and how this designation can benefit you.

What is a Certified Google Partner?

So, what is a Google Partner? When you hear that Catalyst is a Certified Google Partner, it means that our organization is part of a comprehensive program through Google. This program provides several benefits to its partners.

  • Educational resources about Google products and industry trends
  • Access to technical support to help clients reach and convert new leads
  • Rewards and recognition for achievements as a Google Partner

All these training opportunities and resources allow organizations like Catalyst to stand out as being a company that can help its clients achieve their marketing goals.

Catalyst joined this Google partnership (and earned the Google Partner badge) by meeting specific Partner requirements for performance, spend and certifications. We are proud to offer our skills and expertise to you and your business.

Why should you work with a Google Partner?

Working with a Certified Google Partner like Catalyst will allow you to reach more potential patients. This is because our organization has proven that we understand how to optimize Google Ad campaigns to help you get the best results while making the most of your budget.

By working with a Google Partner, you can focus on your practice. At the same time, your marketing company ensures that your campaigns are working hard for you to attract new patients through Google Ads, search, videos and other avenues.

Want to start working with a Google Partner? Contact us today to learn how Catalyst Healthcare Marketing can help you start crafting your success story.

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