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Van Halen and Catalyst Healthcare Marketing: Quality Control Rock Stars

One of the least glamorous jobs in promoting a concert or marketing a business involves quality control. Everyone assumes that the details have been handled. It’s a thankless job because few notice when it’s been done correctly. But everyone comments when things do not go according to plan. The Catalyst quality control team knows that when you are working with new technology, like social media and Internet protocols, the rules have not yet been written. That’s the way it was when Van Halen became one of the first bands to produce mega-concert tours in the 1980s. The band’s quality control program became the stuff of rock star legend.

Catalyst Healthcare Marketing asks: Who doesn’t like brown M&Ms?

The rumor about Van Halen’s contract riders prohibiting brown M&Ms in the dressing room was true. Attributing the request to the whims of finicky rock stars was false. David Lee Roth explains how the request was a safety and quality control test. The band needed to know that promoters had read the contract and that the crews at each arena were prepared to handle their equipment needs. Brown M&Ms in the dressing room were a telltale sign that no one had read the contract details about the power, staging and equipment requirements.

Catalyst Healthcare Marketing quality control and new media

Since 2007, Catalyst has been introducing physicians to new ways to market their medical practices. Taking advantage of advances in technology and communications that occur with lightning speed, the Catalyst Healthcare Marketing quality control team has to manage growth while staying on top of details for a growing number of medical firms.

Rather than winging it, Catalyst implements the following quality control measures for each client:

  • Proofreading through multiple internal sources: A team of writers and editors proofs all press releases, articles, ads, blogs or Web pages before they are forwarded to clients.
  • Fact-checking with physicians: Catalyst requires that someone at every medical practice review proposed content before it is published or posted.
  • Testing search engine optimization (SEO): All online content is tested through Yoast, a search engine optimization plug-in, so that clients get maximum visibility for their content through Google.
  • Tracking results: We continually track results to make sure that clients are getting results from their marketing investment.

Rock with Us at Catalyst Healthcare Marketing

If a medical marketing firm that can keep you on top of search engine rankings while managing details sounds like music to your ears, contact Catalyst Healthcare Marketing today.

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