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Earned Media Spot on Austin’s ABC Affiliate for Thomas Vaughn of Texas Fertility Center

Texas Fertility Center garners an important earned media opportunity on Fertility Risk Factors on Austin’s ABC Affiliate, KVUE.

Dr. Thomas Vaughn and TFC patient, Candace Vaughn were interviewed on the 6 pm nightly news by Jim Bergamo, KVUE’s medical reporter, about about factors affecting fertility. Dr. Vaughn addressed some of the more common factors affecting fertility in men and women as well as a few “unlikely” causes including:

  • sugar intake
  • proper dental hygiene
  • laptops

Dr. Vaughn also answered a few additional on-camera interview questions about the prevalence is infertility in women.  TFC’s patient, Ms. Vaughn talked about her struggle to become pregnant at an older age.

The Importance of earned media for the private practice physician

Earned media helps private practice physicians gain credibility in the minds of the consumers and patients. It is often viewed as an impartial source of credibility because it is delivered & received through a recognized third-party, such as a newspaper reporter or radio/tv reporter.

Well planned and executed earn media coverage can be a powerful tool in a physicians comprehensive marketing  program.

KVUE’s video production group used the Texas Fertility Center existing b-roll, shot by Catalyst Video Production, showing TFC’s IVF lab, microscopes, and other staff  to supplement their production visuals. This earned media was initiated and managed by Catalyst HCM, Inc’s press relations team in the Austin market.

Dr. Thomas Vaughn on Austin’s KVUE: Factors Affecting Fertility Earned Media

For more information on earned media opportunities and video production Contact  Catalyst Healthcare Marketing.

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