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Take It to the Next Level with Personalized Social Media Content

Personalized social media content is key when marketing a practice in 2020

Personalized social media content is key when marketing a practice in 2020What’s more engaging? A social media page with stock images and links to articles from various new sites, or one that’s filled with personalized social media content? Clearly, the personalized content is more likely to keep your audience’s interest and help them connect. That’s why your social media marketing needs to include content that’s specific to your practice.

The Catalyst Healthcare Marketing team is here to show why personalized content is valuable and how to create it.

What is the value of personalized content?

Whether it’s words or images, your goal should be to have meaningful and personalized social media content on your account that’s targeted to your audience.

  • This builds trust and increases engagement among your social media followers, which increases the likelihood that they will come to your practice.
  • Not only that, it also makes it more likely that your followers will promote your practice to their friends and family.
  • Once their friends and family experience your practice through your personalized social media marketing, they’re also more likely to become patients and brand ambassadors.

As you can see, a small investment of time and money in creating and maintaining a customized and compelling social media presence can have a huge return on investment.

How can you create personalized social media content?

Now that you know how important personalized content is, you might be wondering how to create it. The Catalyst social media team has included a list of suggestions to help you get started.

  • Talk to your followers on social media. People want to feel like they’re engaging with another human. That’s where a knowledgeable social media marketing team can help. These experts can regularly reply to messages and posts from your followers in a compassionate and professional way.
  • Include pictures of you, your offices and team members. If a patient is going to a new doctor, it can be comforting to see pictures of the physician and the offices before the appointment. A stock image just doesn’t have the same effect. Also, existing patients love being able to see what’s new with you and your team.
  • Don’t forget about videos. Social media users are visual creatures, so videos can help grab their attention. More people are realizing this, so 81% of businesses are now using videos as marketing tools. You can get in on the action by making short videos to educate (and even entertain) your current and future patients.

If you have more questions about how you can make personalized social media content work for you, Catalyst can help. Contact us to learn more.

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