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Help Potential Patients Access Help Fast by Boosting Your Web Page Load Speed

turtle-photoWhen you’re busy caring for patients who clamor for your attention, the last thing you want to think about is looking for new clients. Potential patients often begin their search for services by exploring online. Catalyst Healthcare Marketing knows that your web page load speed had better be quick or you won’t have the chance to convert visitors into patients.

Seconds count for fast web page load speed

Web page load speed is just one of 200 factors that play into Google’s algorithm recipe – but it’s a factor you can adjust. A Microsoft survey indicated that the attention span of a potential customer searching your site is eight seconds. Each second wasted results in a 7 percent loss in converting that visitor into a client. So avoiding web optimization costs you money. Catalyst looks at the 5 top metrics affecting your web page load speed.

1. Shared servers: You thought you got a good deal because you cut costs by using an inexpensive shared server. It’s like trying to fight traffic in Delhi – all customers for themselves.

2. Interfering code: Why make Google’s engines fight through hundreds of lines of front-end coding to uncover actual content? You need to clear your head so Google finds your message faster.

3. Mobile responsiveness: More than ever, potential clients do their research on the go. Your practice may look good when you check it from your office desktop, but the appearance and web page load speed of your site will be different on a mobile device. Google engines also rank mobile-friendly sites higher.

4. Optimized images: Google docks your ranking if you take up space with large high-resolution pictures, like those used for magazines and prints. Take the time to resize and compress those files. Many older websites are built on an antiquated design. They may have an actual graphic linking to contact information, but today that graphic can be created with code, so there’s one less image for your site to load.

5. Third party tie-ins: It seems so easy to add widgets for your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media. You can use plug-ins for registration, payments and forms. Pop-up banners and ads increase the clutter and add to your web page load speed. These tools can be valuable. Just use them judiciously.

To find out how you can help potential patients search faster, contact Catalyst Healthcare Marketing.

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