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The ABCs of Digital Marketing – Online Marketing Acronyms

Let a healthcare marketing expert walk you through online marketing acronyms

Let a healthcare marketing expert walk you through online marketing acronyms - A look at the top online marketing acronymsFeel like you’re swimming in an ABC soup of online marketing acronyms? Digital marketing is full of terms like SEO, PPC and CTR, which can make little sense if you don’t know their definitions. To help you become well-versed in the language of online marketing, Catalyst Healthcare Marketing is providing a crash course in these important acronyms.

A look at the top online marketing acronyms

Whether you’re searching the web for information about how to promote your practice, or reading marketing reports from our team, you’re likely to come across the following online marketing acronyms. Here’s a quick overview of what these terms mean.

  • CTR stands for click through rate, or the number of clicks your ad receives divided by how many times your ad is shown. A higher percentage reflects more ad engagement.
  • DMA refers to designated market area. This is a specific geographic location that you want to target with your marketing. It could be a county, city, state or country.
  • PPC ads are pay per click ads. This type of marketing brings web users to your website through an ad. When someone clicks on it and comes to your website, you pay a fee.
  • SEM, also known as search engine marketing, are paid initiatives that drive potential patients to your website from online search results. PPC ads are a part of these efforts.
  • SEO is another name for search engine optimization. It involves creating organic web content, including webpages and blogs, that improve your online visibility in search results. Unlike SEM, you do not pay per click, only for the initial content creation.
  • SMM is another way to say social media marketing, which is a type of online marketing that uses social networking sites.

There are many more online marketing acronyms. However, these are some of the ones that you are most likely to encounter.

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