Web Services

Website Services

The most important form of marketing available today is the internet; without an appropriate, functional website, a healthcare provider simply cannot compete effectively. A properly designed website can afford tremendous visibility and drive significant internet traffic – without the expense of “pay per click” advertising charges. Once you have the right site that is designed specifically for you, it needs to evolve with the ever changing internet. When orchestrated correctly, the pieces fall seamlessly in line and you are miles ahead of the competition

Our custom web solutions

Web Design – Our design team understands your patient and what they are looking for on the internet. We design websites that engage your patients from the home page on.

Information Wire Framing– Fluid navigation helps to funnel patients into your site and then into your office.

Development – We design web sites that speak to your patients; connecting to them emotionally and providing the medical information for which they are searching.

Interactive Graphics and captivating Copy– Add the personal connection by using eye-catching pictures, creative graphics and well written content.

Search Engine Optimization – We build “Organic” sites with internal SEO that stands on its own merits – add a good SEO update plan and you have first page rankings.

Web Analytics – We want to know who is on your site, what they are looking for and how to convince them to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

Content Management Systems – We create content systems that give your control. Need to update a calendar, add a press release or baby picture? Do it yourself with our simple and individualized content management systems, designed around your needs and ability. Do it now, don’t wait!

Hosting, Email and IT Services -Need someone to help you maintain your domain but don’t want to lose control? We can help. Catalyst can host your site on our banking and HIPPA secure server, set up and maintain emails and provide IT support all through our Catalyst partners.