Outreach Services

Think of us as a team member – we’ll pitch in where ever you need us.

At Catalyst we understand that the “people factor” can make or break the success of your office.

You can spend thousands of dollars on effectively marketing your practice only to have the operations side fail and patients pick up and go to your competitor. Happy staff, happy referral paths and happy patients make for a profitable business.

How we can help:

Physician referral outreach

Physician referral base interaction is extremely important when marketing a medical office. It provides opportunities to connect with your referring physicians on a regular basis and can create a team effort to optimize patient care. We work with you to find creative and thought provoking ways to impact your referral base.

Our CME/CEU educational programs, well-designed patient educational materials and industry newsletters will help keep your office top-of-mind with your referral base.

Employee outreach

Employee coaching through our office coaching series, we work with your office staff to develop programs that will enhance patient care by improving empathy as well as internal and external customer service awareness…elevating the total level of care to exceed your patient’s expectations.

In today’s complicated and sometimes sterile medical world offering patients a more comforting and patient friendly office atmosphere will foster trust with your patients and compassion in your staff. We work with you to offer patient education and emotional support programs to your existing patients that increase patient retention and patient to patient referrals.

Media and community outreach

Adding traditional paid advertising to your marketing plan can be instrumental in a well planned office offensive. We utilize all major advertising outlets; radio, television and print to create branded outreach campaigns to showcase your practice in the community placing your message in front of the consumer.

At Catalyst, we make connections.

Partnership development is our specialty. Catalyst programs enable you to maximum opportunities to work with industry and healthcare partners while strictly adhering to PHARMA guidelines. We explore the facets of relationships between industry and practices. At Catalyst, we take relationships to a new level. We establish relationships, nurture them and grow funding for your programs all within the constraints of PHARMA.