Catalyst Healthcare Marketing


Fluid navigation is vital to the success of your website

It creates ease of use, directs your patients to the information that they are looking for.

It keeps them engaged and on your site. Creating the path a patient takes through your site is not random, it’s planned. Wireframing is vital to constructing a website that makes sense. Building a site without it is like building a house without a blueprint…you never know where to put the doors.

We develop wireframes to visually demonstrate information priorities, basic layout, and navigational structure. We work with you to decide what features you want and what messages that you want to convey and build it to your site the navigation that gets a patient to the right information. We go beyond your “wish list” and determine this BEST place to put the things you want on your site.

What’s a wireframe?

Wireframes are design blueprints. A wireframe is a black and white sketch with no graphic design, and it shows the general placement of web site elements including your main and sub nav, image placement, content area and special features. A wireframe forces you to address the functionality of your site, the brick and mortar, instead of the colors and design. Wireframe design is completed before web development begins, reducing your costs and saving time. Making changes to the wireframe is much faster than making adjustments to the site once development begins.