Office Coaching

At Catalyst we understand that good customer service is vital to patient retention, and believe that efficient, knowledgeable and empathetic patient care is the cornerstone of good marketing programs. Catalyst firmly believes that any marketing program will fail if your office staff cannot support it by delivering outstanding customer service and providing empathy to your patients.

We realize that there are many components integral to the delivery of world-class patient care – from understanding a patient’s needs to having work place efficiencies in place to control office stress. As a result, we develop and implement programs designed to address each component in the service delivery process – focusing on both the patient and the staff.

We offer office coaching services to help employees achieve their full potential and to instruct office management to implement coaching techniques to mentor and guide your employees.

Programs that we offer:

Customer Service Training

Teaches your staff appropriate ways to interact with the public as well as other medical offices

  • Patient interaction skills
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Workplace behaviors
  • Interactions between internal staff and referring office personnel

Patient Empathy Series

Teaches your staff the keys to understanding your patient’s needs and provide solutions to deal with difficult workplace situations

  • Active listening
  • Delivering news in context for the correct diagnosis
  • Conflict resolution
  • Introduction to grief counseling
  • How to deliver bad news

Employee Coaching Series

The coaching component within Catalyst will work to maximize the strengths of your office staff, increase team performance and employee retention translating into increased customer service and well cared for, satisfied patients. The coaching programs offer a variety of components to achieve these goals and are available for both supervisors and teams.

  • Evaluation of Office Culture
  • Assessment of Team Performance
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team and Leadership Workshops

To include Team Dynamics, Performance, Communication, Time Management and Organization

Stress Management Series

Catalyst employee workshops provide stress relief tools and tips for your employees

  • Self Care
  • Stress Relief
  • Communication