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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

If prospective patients can’t find you online, they’ll find someone else. Your web site must be on page one of search results, and it must provide engaging content that converts website visits into appointments. Through effective content marketing and search optimization, Catalyst creates web content that gets seen, supported by engaging social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising that maximizes the return on your investment.

How to select traditional marketing services to propel your practice above your competition.

At Catalyst Health Care Marketing, we help practices achieve their short and long-term business goals. Our cohesive traditional marketing services can help set you apart from your competitors and build brand recognition. But where do you start?

First, make certain that you have a firm understanding of your marketing goals and then we will help with the rest!

Here are a few ideas to help you decide where you want to start!

Goal: We have a new office, doctor or service to promote.

How do you design the most effective way to market your office expansion? Which direction will you choose? Online? New referral collateral? Email or direct mail campaigns? Catalyst marketing plans and marketing strategy services can help.

Goal: We need to increase our thought leader credibility.

Your referral partners and potential patients need to believe what you say, and understand that you are the thought leaders in your specialty. We can help you create an appropriate professional presence and message necessary to build credibility through our professional Graphics, Copy writing and power point services.

Goal: We need to educate our patients and referral base about our specialty.

Knowing when and how to refer a patient? Want to decrease the time to referral? Understanding the complexities of what you do is not inherently understood by your referral base. But how do you effectively educate? Let Catalyst help you create print collateral to ensure your audience will understand the value of your practice.

Goal: We need to build a newsletter list to communicate more effectively.

You’d like to send an email newsletter to your referral base or patients but don’t know where to start. Catalyst can help you create dynamic newsletter layouts, copy and promotions. We can structure your web site to attract, funnel and capture future patients and emails to begin the Newsletter campaigns and SEO links campaigns.

Goal: We need to increase awareness of who we are and what we do.

Your competitors are everywhere, how do you compete? Practices need to have a consistent plan, and continuing efforts keep their services top of mind with potential patients. Your future patients need to not only be aware that you exist, but have a clear understanding about what makes you better than your competition. Branding, Logo Creation and Identity collateral.

Goal: We want to use our web site to market our practice more effectively.

So you have a great web site, now what? Harness the power of the web by adding Social Media with Facebook, ezines, blogs and videos to your site. Reach your patients with timely information about your practice with homepage marketing alerts and banners.

Building a marketing PLAN: it’s all about the execution

Not sure where to go first, or how to eat the elephant one bite at a time? Let Catalyst help you take your marketing goals and put together a list of specific tactics you can do to achieve those goals. We can help you prioritize; budget and kick start your programs.

Check out Our Processes to get insight in to how and where to start!