Catalyst Healthcare Marketing

Marketing Copywriting and Graphics

Marketing Graphics

Believe it or not, choosing the right graphic design and layout can propel an ad campaign or sink it. At Catalyst we understand the graphics that appeal to your potential patient. Our clever graphic designers can find just the right mix of pictures and colors to convey your message, and win over your patient. Looking to redesign your collateral? Let Catalyst give you a whole new look that is cohesive, creative AND effectively communicates your message.

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Copywriting and Copyediting

We feel that in order to sound like an expert at something, you need to be the expert. Our copywriting team is comprised of information junkies who scour the available literature to learn everything there is to know about the services and treatments that your practice provides. We research the in depth processes involved in your practice and break them down for your potential patients, writing in easy to understand language while still communicating the intricate processes involved in your specialty.

This knowledge base enables us to effectively develop a unique voice, tone and communication style that strategically aligns with your marketing objectives and your practice goals. This tone can be woven throughout all of your marketing materials to accurately portray your office persona to your patient, referral base and community.