Internet Ratings Management

Protect and Build Your Online Reputation

The Internet has empowered patients, allowing them to look up their symptoms and inform themselves before an office visit. One positive note to this is those patients who do research on online also take more responsibility for their care.

Research indicates that more than two-thirds of consumers today refer to online reviews and ratings before making purchase decisions from on or offline businesses.

The Internet has also become a place for patients to voice their dissatisfaction with their physicians and the treatment they receive. Through ratings sites, blogs and forums patients can now reach a wide cross section of people with negative feedback about your office, staff or your personal bedside manner.

How many times have you searched for your site and have found negative reviews listed as number three spot on the page, right ABOVE your listing? Unfortunately future patients use these ratings to shop for doctors and services and these sites are not going away.

So what can you do?

Catalyst creates internet ratings plans to combat “bad ratings” by harnessing the power of the “satisfied customer.” We help you capitalize on that phenomenon and word-of-mouth marketing – by enabling you to share real, honest opinions and comments from your customers, and turn potential patients into satisfied patients.

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