Identity & Brand Strategy

Whether you are happy with your brand or in the mood to make a change, a consistent message and look is a must.

At Catalyst we understand your market niche and can help you develop a long range plan for success beyond your competition. We can help you develop:

Key message and slogan development

Targeted ad campaigns, web and office slogans can help launch your practice.

Branding campaigns

Branding campaigns are used to launch into new markets, attract a different audience, and express your updated brand personality to your prospects and existing customers. With Branding and Logo Creation Catalyst Marketing works with your office to uncover you true brand and philosophy and creates unique, impactful logo designs to help communicate you brand. Once you have the look and message that you want, we can help you thread your brand throughout your office materials and marketing strategy with:

  • Logos and identity collateral
  • Office stationary and virtual letterhead
  • Office expansion marketing
  • Development of expansion marketing packages
  • Expansion of service lines